The Sauk County Housing Authority has been awarded 25 more Mainstream vouchers effective April 1, 2021. The total MS5 vouchers will be 46 vouchers which we are in the process of pulling from our waitlist for. To be eligible for the MS5 program you MUST be disabled between the ages of 18-61 AND homeless. about to be homeless, institutionalized, or about to be institutionalized. Please read the MS5 Frequently Asked Questions and the MS5 information. If you think you qualify, please complete the Section 8 Pre-Application form and on page 2 you would mark that preference. If you already are on the wait list and think you would qualify, please call or email Jessica at our office. She will add that preference for you. At the time of full application you will have to be able to prove that you meet all the preference requirements.

Mainstream Voucher Information

Mainstream Voucher FAQ